Beginning is Near 7"x7" ART PRINT
Beginning is Near 7"x7" ART PRINT
Imaginary Foundation

Beginning is Near 7"x7" ART PRINT

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7"x7" Archival Giclee print on museum grade matte rag paper. 

Limited Edition of only 100.

Once sold out, it will not be reprinted and will become a collectors item. Comes with The director's emboss, signed with handwritten edition number. Maximum of 3 per customer.

The Beginning is Near Artist statement:

Upon its creation in 2011, this image swiftly resonated with a myriad of individuals and groups, each interpreting its meaning in their own unique way and employing it to represent diverse ideas and affiliations. In our view, exceptional art captures the zeitgeist and leaves room for interpretation, allowing the audience to derive meaning from the piece, often beyond the creator's intent. It is with this understanding that we seek to revisit and clarify the original message we endeavored to convey through "The Beginning is Near."

"The Beginning is Near" is an artwork that explores themes of personal and planetary transformation. The piece provides a powerful commentary on the human experience and the fragility of existence.

The artwork depicts a person at the top of a ladder, looking over the top of a wall at a nebula. The ladder symbolizes the climb towards self-discovery and personal growth, while the trash represents negative aspects of human existence, such as decaying belief systems and obsolete paradigms. The man's position at the top of the ladder, looking over the wall at the nebula, represents the transcendence of these negative aspects and the attainment of a higher understanding of oneself and the world. The nebula, a celestial object, serves as a reminder of the infinite possibilities of the universe and the boundless potential for growth and change. The juxtaposition of all these elements represents the idea that, even amidst negative aspects of human existence, there is still hope for transcendence and growth.

Lastly, the title of the artwork, "The Beginning is Near," is a symbolic reminder that the end is not necessarily the end, but the beginning of a new phase of existence. This artwork speaks to the resilience of the human spirit and the boundless potential of the universe. It is a powerful reminder of the need for individual and collective change to achieve a better future for ourselves and the planet.

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